Little Bairn Bottom Balm

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Little Bairn Bottom Balm


A natural barrier balm specially formulated to both treat and prevent the symptoms of nappy rash.

Prevent: Unrefined beeswax and liquid shea butter help repel moisture by creating a thick, protective layer on the skin.

Treat: Healing oils of evening primrose and calendula soothe inflamed skin, while added tea tree oil works to fight fungal infections.
Free from zinc oxide, the Little Bairn Bottom Balm is safe for use on cloth nappies. Petroleum and paraben free.

To Use

Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin at each nappy change. Cloth nappy safe.

Other uses: 
- May be used to help heal cuts, grazes, bites and minor burns. 

- For the whole family, use on dry, chapped skin anywhere on the body, including lips.


Pure sweet almond oil, castor oil, *liquid shea butter, beeswax, *calendula infused oil (in sunflower oil), *evening primrose oil, natural vitamin e, *lavender french oil, *tea tree oil 
*certified organic ingredients