Toucan Wreath Pregnancy Milestone Cards

Toucan Wreath Pregnancy Milestone Cards

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Capture special pregnancy milestones with our pack of 34 milestone cards thoughtfully designed, created and printed by Toucan.

Pack includes weeks, months, firsts and quotes! Perfect gift for a mamma...or buy for your own to capture those special moments on your journey.

Each set includes the following 34 cards:

I found out your on the way!

Six weeks

Eight weeks

Ten weeks

Twelve weeks

Fourteen weeks

Sixteen weeks

Eighteen weeks

Twenty weeks

Twenty two week

Twenty four weeks

Twenty six weeks

Twenty eight weeks

Thirty weeks

Thirty two weeks

Thirty four weeks

Thirty six weeks

Thirty eight weeks

Fourty weeks

Today is my due date

Today I am over due

Welcome home little one

My wish came true

I can’t wait to meet you

Today is my baby shower

Today I heard your heart beat

Today I saw you for the first time

Today you kicked for the first time 

Today i packed my hospital bag

Today i bought your first outfit

Your nursery is ready

It’s a surprise

It's a girl

It's a boy

Each card measures approx 5x7 inch and are printed on high quality 250 GSM white gloss card stock with rounded edges.